ParkHolidays Redesign


ParkHolidays is an East Sussex based company providing holiday homes, caravan, pod & camping holidays along the south coast of England.

Role :UX / UI Designer - Visual Design Lead

My first dive into the project was reviewing the current content & site structure. Due to the historic abuse & work arounds on the current system I noted the vast duplication of content.

The original site was cluttered with lots of moving animated parts, the chosen sections colours were garish, causing the user a sensory overload. A user had no clear path to complete a selected goal. On top of that the site was not originally build to be responsive, a responsive design solution was a priority.


  • Create a calm aesthetic colour palette.
  • Work though the IA stripping out duplicate & non essential content.
  • Create an elevated aesthetic for the overall site inline with competitors.
  • Optimise user flows & the product interfaces to elevate the user experience.
  • Break down the elements of the site to usable chunks for rapid sprint based deployment.


Key design requirements:

  • Tone down the brand colours on the current site & create a complimentary pallette. The current colour palette was inconsistent & confusing.
  • Create custom card style advert blocks to create consistency and readability. Marketing insisted on advert heavy pages.
  • Introduce Icon base visual breadcrumbs, the site was too complex & wordy. Users read visual images quicker than written content.
  • Introduce a design library for web, mobile & progressive web apps. Essential component (Atomic) products that build up to pages or progressive web app content.


One stakeholder meeting in particular raised a very important subject. The location sells the product not as some suggested the product its self.
Immediately a new section was collated and worked though based purely on location.
I researched competitors in the business sector & leading edge sites (Air BnB, Secrete Escapes & others). Two demographics were splitting the current business into holiday makers: Age range 23 - 70 lower income families & Holiday home purchasers Age range 50 -75 mid range income & pension based purchases.
Combining stake holder requirements with research I created initial personas for discussion.

Development  started, flows were created for essential areas:

  • User login
  • User information area
  • Flow to product section

Wireframes created for layouts on agreed content & component wireframes for product cards, sales cards, adverts. One important takeaway from this was the component blocks showed a wireframe & Hi-fidelity mockup so the view could grasp the concept of website / mobile blocks of content.


The responsive site launched approx a year later

Pain Points: The Iteration of component blocks took 5-6 months. The page designs & component blocks suffered from opinion based bias, this sadly degraded the strength & harmony of the initial design.

Success: The site did launch it ranked well for speed & responsiveness. A user could book online easily & quickly using a mobile device.  The dev team had an agile core base for rapid change.

Tools Used:
  • UXPin / Sketch / Adobe XD / Pen & Paper
  • Photoshop / Illustrator / InDesign
  • Word /Keynote / Powerpoint
  • Frontify
  • Slack / Trello